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Under floor heating systems make sense for a number of reasons:
  • Effectiveness: because under floor heating systems heat the room from the ground up and the heat is radiated evenly across the room, they are an extremely effective way to heat your home.
  • Economy: because the water in an under floor heating system typically doesn’t need to be as hot as in a traditional heating system, less energy is generally required to heat your room to the same temperature
  • Aesthetic benefits: obviously with no radiators in sight, an under floor heating system can give a cleaner look to the room.¬†Generally the floor covering is not limited by having an underfloor heating system either.
  • Health benefits: those that suffer with Asthma or dust allergies usually find that an under floor system helps ease their symptoms as it doesn’t rely on convection and the movement of air and dust as a traditional heating system does.

Under Floor Heating System Fitters

We have many years’ experience with fitting under floor heating systems and would be happy to discuss with you the options available, from solid, floating and suspended floors to overlay.

Free Under Floor System Quotes

We would be happy to give you a free no obligation quote for your under floor heating system installation, repair or just chat over the options available. Please get in touch with John direct on 07802 296260 for more information.
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