Bathroom Refurbishment in  Orchard Hey, Maghull

We have recently refurbished a bathroom in a bungalow in Maghull, Merseyside

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Project Overview:

Bathroom Refurbishment at Orchard Hey, Maghull, Merseyside

Moran Ltd is undertaking a comprehensive bathroom refurbishment project at Orchard Hey in Maghull, Merseyside. The project involves transforming the existing bathroom by following a systematic process. Here is an overview of the key stages completed thus far:


The first step involved removing all elements from the old bathroom, including fixtures, fittings, and flooring. Additionally, the walls were stripped back, and necessary repairs were made. This process created a clean slate for the subsequent refurbishment work.

Drain Alterations:

To accommodate the new layout and positioning of the shower, bath, basin, and w/c, drain alterations were carried out. This involved reconfiguring the plumbing connections to suit the desired locations of the sanitary fixtures.

First Fix Plumbing:

Once the drain alterations were complete, the first fix plumbing was carried out. This involved installing the necessary plumbing connections for the new fixtures. This step was crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of the bathroom’s plumbing system.

Plastering and Insulation:

Before proceeding with the finishing touches, the walls were fitted with new plaster and insulation boards. This step aimed to provide a smooth and durable surface for the subsequent tiling and other installations.

Flooring and Underfloor Heating:

To enhance the comfort and functionality of the bathroom, the floor was leveled and prepared. An electric underfloor heating mat was then installed, offering a luxurious heating solution. Finally, both the floor and wall tiles were expertly fitted, creating an aesthetically pleasing and practical environment.

Second Fix and Lighting:

Following the completion of the tiling, the sanitary ware, including the shower, bath, basin, and w/c, were second fixed. This involved connecting and installing the fixtures to their intended positions, ensuring they are fully operational. Additionally, six spotlights were fitted into the newly plastered ceiling, providing ample lighting for the renovated bathroom.

Moran Ltd aims to deliver a fully refurbished and modern bathroom at Orchard Hey, Maghull, Merseyside, meeting the client’s specifications and exceeding their expectations. The project encompasses comprehensive stages, from demolition and preparation to plumbing alterations, tiling, fixture installation, and lighting. By meticulously executing each step, Moran Ltd is committed to creating a visually appealing, functional, and comfortable bathroom space for the client.

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